Participation experts

The team at the Technologiestiftung Berlin has proven expertise in the implementation of participatory digital projects and can draw on a network of science, business, administration and civil society that has grown over many years.


The Birds (Birds on Mars) bring a wealth of experience in the latest machine learning processes, data science methodologies and IT infrastructures to the network. They complement the technology foundation's many years of experience in the practical implementation of digital innovation projects.

Tree lovers

The SGA-Mitte Berlin (Roads and Parks Department) supports the project as a cooperation partner. Due to the responsibilities of the Roads and Green Spaces Office and as part of the Berlin administration, the SGA is our expert in water management, irigation and green spaces.

Julia Zimmermann

Project Leader

Myrian Rigal

Senior Product Manager

Florian Dohmann

Intelligence Architect

Nicolas Gorges

AI Lead

Jesse Oesterling

Kaufm. Projektmanager

Marcus Voß

IA & AI Expert

Yagmur Uckunkaya

AI Expert

Fabian Morón Zirfas

Senior Creative Technologist

Edmundo Galindo


Dennis Ostendorf

Interface Design

Lucas Vogel

Creative Technologist

Nora Eilers

Presse und Kommunikation